The Carman Community Health Centre Board oversees the provision of health care services at the Carman Community Health Centre.  The Board is committed to working in partnership with other health care organizations to promote and develop health care services within Carman and area. 

The Carman Community Health Centre Board is a 9 member Board made up of 7 community representatives appointed by the Town of Carman and the Rural Municipality of Dufferin and one representative each from the Council of the Town of Carman and Council of the Rural Municipality of Dufferin. 

There is an ex-officio board representation of a member each from Carman Community Health Centre Management, Carman Community Health Centre Physicians, Southern Regional Health Authority, Carman Dufferin Economic Development Officer and other members of the health community as needed. 

Role of the Board: 

Recruitment & Outreach:  

  • To recruit and retain health care professionals who will provide quality health care services to the residents of Carman and community.  
  • To develop incentive, relocation and education packages to attract and train health care professionals for our community today and in the future.  
  • To promote all encompassing health care in the community.   

 Finance & Facilities: 

  • To manage the day-to-day needs of the community-owned health care centre.  
  • To oversee the management of the centre’s leases (agreements/contracts) with physicians and other medical practitioners.  
  • To ensure that a proper set of books of account is kept, showing all receipts and disbursement of funds for Carman Community Health Centre. 
  • To manage donations and grant requests from the community.  
  • To oversee all maintenance and renovations for the provision of a safe, quality space for building tenants and oversee custodial services for the clinic space.  

  Future Planning: 

  • To collaborate with other health care organizations in planning for future health care needs within Carman and community.  
  • To assess and consider future development, expansion and operation of the Carman Community Health Centre based upon need.  
  • To advocate for local health care services with universities, government departments, and other agencies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who receives the donation when I support the Carman Community Health Centre? 

When you support the Carman Community Health Centre Board with your donations you are supporting the community. You are helping to purchase equipment for the community clinic, hospital and lodge. 

How can I donate to the Carman Community Health Centre Board? 

You can send a cheque to: 
Carman Community Health Centre 
Box 1570
Carman, MB R0G 0J0 
You can drop your donation off in the Memorial Hall at the Town of Carman Office 

Are you a registered charity? 

Yes. Carman Community Health Centre is a Registered Charity and you will receive an official charitable tax receipt for your donation of any amount. 

What are some of the items that the Carman Community Health Centre Board has purchased in the past? 

Purchases include: computers, Electronic Medical Record system, furnishings for exam rooms, medical equipment in exam rooms, televisions in hospital rooms, hospital waiting room television, home care medical supplies, computer and furnishings for Boyne Lodge Nurse Practitioner. 

Who are the Carman Community Health Centre Board Directors? 

Les Vanderveen – Chairperson 
Jack Pethybridge – Vice Chairperson 
Debbie Iverson – Secretary 
Theresa Bergsma – Treasurer 
Bob Mitchell 
Jane Swanton 
Brent Owen ( Council of the Town of Carman) 
Cor Lodder (Council of the RM of Dufferin) 

You can make a donation to the Carman Community Health Centre Board anytime. Your contribution will help the board in continuing to improve health care in the community through facility improvements and the recruiting of health care professionals. Cheques can be made to the “Carman Community Health Centre”.

Phone: 204-745-3565 
Fax: 204-745-3346 
Street Address: 
360 4th Street SW 
Box 1570 
Carman, MB R0G 0J0